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Communication Strategies

Better hearing requires more than simply hearing aids.
Better communication strategies can smooth the period of adjustment required when individuals start wearing hearing aids, and can help reassure both the person with hearing loss and their family members or loved ones that they’re being understood clearly.

If you suspect or know that the person you are speaking with has a hearing loss, please consider the following tips to enhance communication:

Sit or stand within 3 to 6 feet to maximize audibility.
Remain at eye level to foster visual cues.
Gain the person’s attention before speaking.
Use facial expressions and gestures to give clues to the meaning of your message.
Raise your voice but do not shout, because loud speech may sound distorted.
Speak slowly and distinctly.
Use short, simple sentences.
Rephrase your words if the person does not appear to understand or responds inappropriately.
Avoid speaking directly into the person’s ear, because it can distort your message and hide all visual cues.
If you or someone you care about remains uncertain if they are experiencing a treatable level of hearing loss, take our online hearing assessment quiz to test your hearing, or contact us to schedule a complete hearing consultation.


Take Our Free Hearing Quiz
Most hearing loss develops gradually, so the signs are difficult to detect. Ask yourself these questions to evaluate how you are hearing:

Do people seem to mumble or speak in a softer voice more than they use to?
Do you feel tired or irritable after a long conversation?
Do you sometimes miss key words in a sentence?
Do you frequently need to ask people to repeat themselves?
Do you have difficulty understanding the conversation in a crowded room?
Do you often turn the volume up on the TV or checkbox?
Does background noise bother you?
Is it sometimes hard to hear the conversation on the telephone?
Do you sometimes not hear the doorbell or telephone ring?
Are your family or friends complaining about your hearing?
If you answered YES to two or more of these questions, you may want to schedule a hearing test with one of our doctors of Audiology. Through testing, our Audiologists can tell you whether you have a hearing loss as well as its nature and extent. If a hearing loss is detected, an appropriate course of action will be recommended.


Order a Non-Working Sample
Isn’t it time to see exactly how small better hearing can be? Order a non-working sample of a Beltone completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing instrument – one of the smallest types of hearing instruments available today.


Let us send you a Better Hearing Literature Kit
A collection of valuable information about hearing loss and hearing aids. Just fill out your information and this will be sent to you absolutely free of charge.

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