Q: How is Hearing Loss Diagnosed?
A: A comprehensive hearing evaluation is necessary to properly diagnose hearing loss and provide patients with effective treatments and solutions. These evaluations help to determine the type of hearing loss, such as conductive or sensorineural loss, and include hearing tests and physical evaluations of the ears. Advanced tests for balance or inner ear function may also take place.

Q: What is the Best Hearing Aid?
A: As every patient is different, there is no universal hearing solution for all individuals. Fortunately, this also means that hearing solutions exist to suit many different lifestyles and individual needs. Working with an expert like an audiologist can help you to sift through the large variety of available solutions to find the one that’s perfect for you. 

Q: How Do I Care for My Hearing Aids?
A: Hearing aids are simple to care for and maintain. With no more than an occasional cleaning with a dry cloth or special tool from your doctor required, hearing aids are built to be durable and low-maintenance. Battery charges can last for weeks at a time, meaning that daily upkeep will consist only of safe storage while sleeping, showering, or swimming.

Q: Do I Have to Wear Two Hearing Aids?
A: Extensive research on the difference between one and two hearing aids has demonstrated an overwhelming advantage to wearing two devices rather than just one. Aside from improved and relaxed hearing, two hearing aids also support better balance, better auditory spatial recognition, and improved quality of life.

Q&A with person with hearing loss

Q&A with person with hearing loss

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